Crisis management chatbot

Building crisis chatbots during the Covid-19 lockdown: providing support in times of need


In March 2020, on the eve of lockdown, all French people were asking thousand of questions about the pandemic and its impact on their daily lives. The media, public services and companies urgently decided to set up a chatbot to answer this wave of questions.



chatbots created in max 4 days each, including 3 for government


million interactions


million users


match rate

” We created the bot in just a few days, at a very special time, just before the lockdown. Thanks to the quick mobilization of our teams and Spellz, who did an outstanding job, relying on the simplicity of their solution, we were able to offer users answers to their numerous questions about the Coronavirus, both in terms of health and practical life. It was a memorable adventure, both technological, journalistic and civic-minded.”


Digital Marketing Director, TF1 and LCI

TF1 Group: Chatbot LCI and Doctissimo

For TF1 Group, which includes the LCI news channel and Doctissimo portal, the aim is to keep French people informed about Covid-19 news. For the editorial team, it’s also an opportunity to identify the topics most frequently asked by their readers, in order to create content of interest for French people.
The bot was created in less than a week and launched the day before lockdown, with already over 70 integrated FAQs covering Covid-19 topics related to daily life, health, work and more.

The same chatbot was integrated as a full-page feature on the LCI website and as a pop-up on all Doctissimo website pages. The knowledge base remained the same, enabling faster maintenance of questions.
Thanks to close collaboration between TF1 and Spellz teams, the chatbot has continued to evolve as the days have gone by and as new information has come to light.

More than 350,000 unique users have engaged in a conversation with the chatbot

Over 160 topics handled by the bot

Use of Spellz’s Intent Suggestion tool to detect new user queries

Covid-19 chatbot for Urssaf

The conversational assistant was set up in 24 hours by the Urssaf and Spellz teams. The bot’s responses are personalized according to the profile of Urssaf members.
In collaboration with the Urssaf teams, the bot was progressively enriched, growing from 30 to 200 information topics. Exceptional aid, short-time working and declarations received the most attention from users.
Present on 3 websites (, Pajemploi and Cesu), the bot is experiencing unprecedented traffic. The Spellz technical team reinforced the infrastructure to meet Urssaf’s needs.

Chatbot Messenger for the French Government

For the French government, the aim is to inform and answer questions from citizens and residents, and to reduce the number of calls to the hotline for recurring, non-urgent requests.
Spellz has been selected to develop this project with the Direction Interministérielle du Numérique. The chatbot deployed on Facebook Messenger was built in less than a week, then updated daily by the Spellz project team.
The bot was first integrated into the Government’s Facebook page, then into the remote help function on the Covid-19 FAQ pages of the website.

Covid-19 chatbot for the Maltese and Senegalese governments

Two chatbots created for the Government of Malta and the Government of Senegal. The aim of both bots is to ensure that the measures taken during Covid-19 are easy to read. Social measures for the Maltese bot and economic measures for the Senegalese bot.
The bots have been integrated into the relevant government sites and Facebook pages.

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