AI Selfcare Automation for the

Insurance Industry

We help achieve the lowest operating cost while delivering next-generation customer experience using vertical GenAI models.

Introducing Portal, your game-changing selfcare interface for all policyholder requests

Lower Operating Costs

Bring down the cost of processing 1 contact by 80%.

Double effiency, Save Time

Boost your agent productivty by 2

Exceptional Experience

Provide an unprecedented experience with a prompt-interface

Effortless Setup, Instant Impact

Experience immediate results with our no code, Saas solution

Put privacy & security at the core

Your policyholders’ data is safe with our sovereign and GDPR-compliant GenAi

Connect, Integrate

Across Third Party Apps and Platforms

Unlock the full potential of our selfcare portal capabilities by integrating with your existing platforms such as ERPs or CRMs. Provide your policyholders instant answers across all topics and let them perform tasks such as FNOL without agent involvment.



Harness the power of

Vertical Generative AI

Our LLM, fine-tuned in-house with data from the customer care and insurance universes, with solid safeguard features built-in to avoid hallucinations, will propel your customer experience to new heights.

Selfcare Portal

Deliver instant support 24/7 with human-like conversations. Answer simple policy administration queries or resolve complex claims inquiries across 50+ languages.

Real Stories, Real Results

Discover inspiring customer stories and real results achieved with our solution.

Fast. Accurate. Private-by-design

Lower cost
Claim lifecycle