Generative AI Meets Claim Management

Accelerate your claim management processes, boost your teams’ productivity, and optimize your customer experience with a sovereign, specialized generative AI solution for the insurance industry.

Benefits for insurance  companies

Reduce Processing Time by 30%

Help your teams to be more efficient across key processes with an assistant powered by generative AI.

Cut Customer Care Costs by 50%

Automate simple, recurring customer conversations so your customer care teams can focus on high-value requests.

Digitize Claim Workflows

Use the power of AI to digitize and accelerate your business processes and extract new insights from your operations.

Get Your Data GenAI-Ready

Structure and centralize your customer data to make it compatible with generative AI.

Powered by a sovereign & specialized LLM for the insurance industry

Customer Care Bots

Claim Management Copilot

LLM Knowledge Base

Why Spellz is prefered by insurance companies.

Productivity Boost for Agents

Confidentiality & reliability

Simple Queries Automation

LLM chatbots free up time for customer care agents to handle more complex tasks.

Copilot for Claim Managers

Agents’s work is made easier and faster thanks to an intelligent copilot.

Reduced Waiting Times

Customers get answers to their queries in a fraction of the time usually needed.

Data Protection

Spellz is sovereign, hosted in France and Europe, with no connection to 3rd-party services, and compliant with RGPD standards.

Consistency of Answers

Spellz controls 100% of its model and is not subject to the various changes and updates of foundation models such as OpenAI.

Zero Hallucinations

The Spellz model is trained on customer care data and has safeguards against hallucinations.

Productivity boost for Claim Managers

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Processing Error Avoidance

Spellz copilot help claim manager ask the right questions to customers to better understand the claim context.

Better Product Search

Claim managers are assisted by the copilot to search through ever-growing product databases.

Compliance Safeguard

Claim managers can navigate complex product features and go through policy rules faster.

Reduced Waiting Times

Customers can instantaneous anwsers through Spellz’ selfcare tools.

Optimzed Customer Experience

Faster processes and shortened response time lead to a more satisfying customer experience.

Precise Answers

Generative AI delivers improved search for relevant information within extensive document databases.

They Trust Spellz