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“Our chatbot is deployed on our website to answer simple questions, but the ambition is to turn it into a real intelligent assistant available on various channels thanks to this platform.”

Alexandre & Lucie

Product Manager & Pilot Process, Innovation and Customer Relations Department – KIABI

Who’s KIABI?

KIABI, a leading clothing retailer, has expanded its presence to nine countries. With over 350 stores in France alone, KIABI also offers a comprehensive range of customer support services through its e-commerce site.

Establishing Clear Objectives for Chatbot Integration

The KIABI Customer Relations team deals with a high volume of recurring questions related to typical retailer topics such as package tracking, loyalty program points, and product returns. These inquiries are primarily received through email or telephone channels. To enhance the efficiency of their support agents and alleviate them from low-value tasks, the innovation team initiated a project to integrate an intelligent virtual assistant capable of effectively addressing consumer questions but also offer an innovative user experience on the website.

Building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

During the design phase, KIABI and Spellz teams worked together to define the chatbot’s scope. KIABI’s innovation teams then crafted various scenarios on the Spellz platform.

From the very first version, KIABI aimed to leverage webhooks to query their information system. This capability allowed the chatbot to provide enriched answers beyond a basic automated FAQ. For instance, the chatbot can now provide customers with real-time updates on their loyalty points, taking the experience to the next level!

A quick look at the results

After a year of operation, the chatbot has grown exponentially, now capable of addressing over 160 different questions. With a remarkable 70% understanding rate, it effectively assists users and redirects them to a live agent when faced with complex inquiries. The chatbot’s ability to provide conversation history greatly facilitates the transition to human support.

Despite the chatbot’s launch not proceeding as initially intended, the unforeseen lockdown in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It expedited the chatbot’s deployment, proving to be an invaluable solution for the overwhelmed support team grappling with a sudden influx of customer requests. To address the crisis, dedicated Covid emergency scenarios were swiftly developed and implemented.

Within just two months, the chatbot became a lifeline, engaging nearly 10,000 users and recording an impressive 35,000 interactions. Its swift implementation provided much-needed support during a challenging time, proving its value as an indispensable tool for KIABI’s customer service.

The project goes one step further

Following the success of this first chatbot, the group decided to create a new chatbot for their Italian customers. A few months later, the Spanish teams also embarked on the chatbot adventure with Spellz!

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