Axonaut Chatbot

The smart assistant that responds 24/7 to simple requests and pre-qualifies more complex queries.

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Who’s Axonaut?

Axonaut is an all-in-one management tool for small businesses, designed to make everyday life easier for entrepreneurs. The software lets you manage different aspects of your business: customer management, invoicing, expenses, project management, marketing campaigns… and much more!

Establishing Clear Objectives for Chatbot Integration

As a multi-disciplinary platform catering to diverse customer needs, Axonaut often find themselves inundated with recurring user queries. Thus, they realized the importance of quick customer support. To address this, we thought of a support chatbot tailored to their needs. This chatbot efficiently handles simple requests instantly and around the clock.

They also knew that some queries required the human touch. For this reason, Axonaut also wanted a bot that pre-qualifies queries, directing complex ones to human the right customer service representatives.

Chatbot launch in just 3 weeks


Workshop + training


Building of the bot

February 25th

Launch of In-App
chatbot FR & EN

March 4th

Launch of the website
chatbot FR

March 5th

Launch of the website
chatbot EN

After attending a productive workshop and receiving training from Spellz, the Axonaut teams swiftly grasped our solution. With the assistance of a Spellz CSM, they efficiently developed and launched their initial customer support chatbot in less than a month.

With the chatbot successfully deployed, they wasted no time in creating a welcoming chatbot on their website, providing visitors with information and introducing them to Axonaut.

Taking it a step further, they also launched English versions of these chatbots to cater to a broader audience.

A quick look at the results

Axonaut places great importance on delivering a delightful user experience as a key aspect of their strategy. Their chatbots not only provide quick answers to simple questions but also establish a seamless connection between users and support teams. Infused with delightful touches of humor, these chatbots are highly appreciated by visitors.

Six months after launch, the support chatbot on the Axonaut platform has successfully addressed a wide range of queries, handling over a hundred questions. By September 2021, it had effectively served requests from more than 1,700 individuals.

In addition, the acquisition chatbot plays a crucial role in welcoming daily visitors to Axonaut’s website, helping them explore the solution and connect with the team.

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