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Multilingual instant processing

Analyze text and speech data in over 50 languages, breaking language barriers and ensuring seamless communication with customers worldwide. Gain comprehensive insights from customer interactions across various regions to deliver personalized experiences.

How it works

Empower your customer care with our solutions.

Voice of Customers

Centralize feedback, reviews, calls, claims, and requests from multiple data sources. Analyze customers’ pains, preferences, and trends for actionable insights and improved decision-making.

Ticket Automation

Automate and streamline ticket management processes. Efficiently handle support tickets, prioritize tasks, and enhance response times for exceptional customer support and satisfaction.

Why customers love us!

We've been working with Spellz for 3 years

“We’re more than satisfied with their service. Spellz stands out for its comprehensive support, active listening to our needs and ability to make suggestions. This has enabled us to improve the customer experience for our members.”


We needed to develop our messaging skills

Spellz enables us to easily write chat scenarios and pre-qualify customer requests.
Our chatbot is deployed on our website to answer simple questions, but the ambition is to turn it into a real intelligent assistant available on various channels thanks to this platform.

– Product Manager & Pilot Process, Kiabi

We built the bot in just a few days...

And at a very special time, just before lockdown. Thanks to the quick mobilization of our teams and Spellz’, whose team did an outstanding job. Relying on the simplicity of their solution, we were able to offer users answers to their numerous questions about the Coronavirus, both in terms of health and practical life.
It was a memorable adventure, both technological, journalistic and civic-minded.

– Digital Marketing Director TF1 and LCI

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