Achieve support excellence through Generative AI

Discover the benefits of integrating a proprietary and sovereign LLM into your customer support chatbot

Offer smoother customer support

Save Time & Double Efficiency

Our LLM-powered Chatbot is twice as fast as regular chatbots, with a 95% match rate and 30% higher accuracy, leading to faster issue resolution, shorter customer wait times, and improved efficiency.

Spellz vs. ChatGPT

Data control & privacy is ensured

Our in-house technology (LLM) ensures data control and GDPR compliance.

Train on your own knowledge base

Train Spellz on your knowledge base for a chatbot that understands your business’s uniqueness.

responses only

We prioritize accuracy and reliability, avoiding hallucinations, even in uncertain situations.

What we offer that Classic NLP do not

Context Awareness

Our technology enhances user intent understanding, delivering accurate and context-aware responses.

Rich and Natural Conversations

Our solution uses LLM for dynamic, human-like interactions that engage users in meaningful dialogues, ensuring satisfaction.

Semantic Engine

Leave behind keyword-based methods. Our solution employs a semantic engine for precise understanding and contextually appropriate responses.

Easy Maintenance and Creation

Simplify processes with our user-friendly interface. Easily create and maintain your chatbot, focusing on user experience, with no technical expertise required.

Experience our solution through

the lens of our customers.