The virtual agent that whispers to your care team’s ears

Experience the ultimate synergy of Chatbot and Livechat in one powerful solution

Smooth switch from virtual to human agent and vice-versa

Efficiently handle customer conversations with real-time ticket queue monitoring, customizable answer templates, and streamlined management of multiple parallel chats.

Efficient, chatbot-friendly integration

Boost agent efficiency with Spellz chatbot and livechat integration. Auto-assign prequalified tickets to relevant agents. Access detailed conversation info for better responses. Streamline multi-bot management with a unified support center.

Create skill-based groups and transfer tickets

Enhance customer experience by creating skill-based agent groups, ensuring users connect directly with experts who can solve their specific problems.

Track support center performance with detailed statistics

Gain insights into chatbot and support center performance, tracking progress over time with global or filtered analysis based on various criteria.

Maximize your reach with multi-channel livechat

Meet your customers where they are. Deliver customer support across multiple channels with integrated livechat in Spellz webchat, Messenger, and soon WhatsApp.

Experience our solution through

the lens of our customers.