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Get complete control with our platform’s tools and features.

An intuitive no-code solution that makes
building your chatbot a no-brainer

Meet the self-building bot

Provide your knowledge base to the chatbot. That’s it. Your bot is ready to answer your customers’ questions.

A powerful technology for challenging conversations

Your business info, confidential & secure

A Large Language Model that relies on no external API. It protects your corporate data and your customers’

Customized to fit your needs

Your use-case is unique, your brand voice is unique, your industry is unique. Spellz helps you tailor everything to match your uniqueness in no time

Knowledge that speaks your language

Spellz is trained on domain-specific knowledge, enabling the chatbot to provide accurate and relevant responses in your industry or business context.

Seamless integration for a seamless experience

Our in-house LLM integrates with your existing systems, applications, or customer support channels.

Driving innovation together

We can quickly iterate and update your chatbot. Your feedback matters, and we can swiftly incorporate new features and improvements to meet your evolving needs.

Experience our solution through

the lens of our customers.